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Summer Camp - Wiltwyck Summer Kids Sports Program

The Wiltwyck Summer Kids Sports Program offers full-day sessions running from 9am to 4pm for campers seeking an immersive, extended sports and recreation experience. Each program session provides campers the time to deeply engage in honing athletic skills, participating in more games and activities, and enjoying upgraded pool facilities.

Each session, campers will receive professional instruction in golf, tennis, and swimming with ample opportunity to improve techniques under the guidance of knowledgeable counselors and instructors. Each session is designed to allow campers to fully immerse themselves in sports and recreation while also forming meaningful connections and enjoying summer memories.

The Wiltwyck Summer Kids Sports Program provides the perfect summer outlet for kids looking to take their sports engagement to the next level while having fun with peers. Join us for an enriching, skill-building summer experience!

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At Wiltwyck, Or mission is to To provide an exceptional golfing experience through impeccable course maintenance, personalized member service, and a welcoming community atmosphere that fosters lasting memories and friendships

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