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At Wiltwyck, we believe that golf is a sport for all ages. That’s why we offer programs specifically tailored to our youngest golfers – our juniors.  Golf is a game that teaches invaluable life skills like patience, determination and good sportsmanship. And the earlier you start, the more these skills become second nature. At Wiltwyck, we make learning golf fun for kids of all skill levels. With specialized teaching pros, kid-friendly equipment, and a focus on making friends and having a good time, your junior golfers will love coming to Wiltwyck. So if you have a youngster interested in golf,  we’ll get them started on a lifetime of good golf and good memories. Let Wiltwyck be the place where your child’s golf journey begins!

Junior Team Image - Junior Golf Programs at Wiltwyck Golf Club, Kingston, NY

Develops Concentration and Discipline

Junior golf requires immense focus and concentration in order to hit accurate shots. Kids learn to block out distractions, carefully analyze shots, and think through each swing. This level of discipline transfers well to school, work and other activities that require sustained focus and mental sharpness. Golf teaches valuable concentration skills.

Promotes Physical Fitness and Active Lifestyle

Golf gets kids off the couch and outdoors for walking, swinging, and carrying. The physical activity of golf builds strength, balance, and coordination. Walking the course provides light cardiovascular exercise. Golf promotes healthy habits and an active lifestyle that combats issues like obesity and diabetes. The physical benefits of golf are great for all fitness levels.

Builds Character and Life Skills

The rules, etiquette, and norms of golf instill strong character and life skills. Juniors learn honesty, integrity, good manners, and emotional control. They also pick up valuable lessons in sportsmanship, persistence through adversity, and personal responsibility. The character built by golf serves juniors well in school, team environments, and life in general.

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