Caddy Program

Wiltywck Golf Club upholds the long-standing tradition in golf of the caddie. From the best professionals in the game of golf to weekend golfers, the caddie plays an important role in the golf game! They provide service to the golf that involves providing advice, giving yardages, ensuring clean equipment, reading greens and allowing golfer to get some exercise on the course!

Wiltwyck’s caddie program has over 25 locals working as caddies throughout the summer. Caddies are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to members and guest of members. Caddie requests need to be made 24 hours in advance.

“Lovely facilities, excellent staff, and delicious menu at their onsite restaurant/bar. Oh yeah, and golf too! Grounds and greens are always kept clean and the pool is perfect for a sunny summer day. You won’t regret being a member or even dropping by for a visit!”

Facebook, August 25th, 2019